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What is CCAO?
Chicago Creative Arts On Line, Inc. (CCAO) is the first artist-owned and operated video streaming company, featuring the best in Chicago's creative, improvising arts.

What kind of content will CCAO feature?
CCAO's programming will focus on legendary and young creative improvisers, performances, and exhibitions. The presentations will be of live performances, with an emphasis on creative music. As we grow, programming will include poetry, dance and theater productions as well. CCAO's programs will serve to foster and promote the development of talented young artists, and increase awareness of and celebrate those legendary artists who have been innovators in the field.

What artists can I download?
You can preview and download performances by musicians who are contributing to the continued vibrancy and authenticity of creative music. This includes internationally known artists, such as, Fred Anderson and Hamid Drake; mid-career improvisers, Nicole Mitchell, David Boykin and up and coming performers Corey Wilkes, Maurice Brown, Greg Ward, Aaron Getsug and many more.

What kinds of files can I download?
Quicktime, MP3, and .3GP video films and RealTone Ring Tonesfor mobile phones and Multimedia capable PDAs. (To use our .3GP mobile video files simply download and
use bluetooth to transfer to your phone or PDA)

How can I subscribe to CCAO?
Just register with or for free and get an account to access all of the latest Chicago creative music and jazz performances. You can conveniently pay for the media you desire through PayPal.

How much does it all cost?
Video Quicktime, Windows Media, Real Video
  $2.00 per single performance
3GP Mobile Video $1.00 per single performance
Audio(MP3) $1.00 per single performance
Ringtones $0.50

Special Prices in January 2005, Prices and subscription are subject to change without notice.

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1st Annual BlackOut Festival:
A Tribute Fred Anderson
8:00pm, Sat. 03.21.2009
Velvet Lounge, 67 East Cermak

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