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Archie Shepp/Chuck D Project FIGHT THE POWER

The Archie Shepp/Chuck D Project featuring
Archie Shepp, Roce Vicelow-Rap, Napoleon Maddox -Beatbox
and Rap, Tom McClung Keyboard, Steve McCraven -Guitar,
Raymopnd Doumbe-Bass, Rasul Siddick-trumpet, Chuck D-Rap
and vocals, jahi, Kyle Jason-Vocals, Brian Hargrove-bass,
DJ Lord - Turntables

Live The Spirit Band, 2000

Ernest Dawkins directs David Boykin during a rehearsal of the Live the Spirit Band

Live the Spirit was a Meet the Composers/Midwest Arts funded project in which Ernest Dawkins trained a number of young musicians and presented numerous performances in the Chicago area 2000-2004. The Live the Spirit band was a training ground for many of the dynamic young musicians making an impact in the Chicago area today.

Many Favors by Stephen Berry

Stephen Berry playing Many Favors

Stephen Berry in performance with New Horizons at the Holy Family Jazz Festival in September, 2005. He performs his composition, Many Favors.

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1st Annual BlackOut Festival:
A Tribute Fred Anderson
8:00pm, Sat. 03.21.2009
Velvet Lounge, 67 East Cermak

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